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About us

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Welcome To Amulya Enterprises

Amulya Enterprises is a well-known and reputable bird control service provider in Chennai that provides quality products at affordable prices. We offer various bird net and bird spike installation services to assist you in minimizing the risk posed by birds like pigeons.

We are a professional anti-bird net and bird spike dealer that offers a complete solution to bird nuisance in residential and commercial properties. We provide our clients with a global solution that keeps birds such as pigeons, sparrows, and crows away from their property or premise.


As experts, we understand that birds can inflict damage on your property by droppings, nesting in vents, windows, and even balconies. All of this makes it very difficult for residents to keep the area clean and sanitary. We offer our effective bird netting services in Chennai to help people deal with this problem.


Amulya Enterprises provides bird netting services in residential, commercial, and industrial applications, including bird net and bird spike installation. For pigeon problems or any other bird problems that people have in their homes, we use high quality HDPE or nylon net. We ensure that we provide reasonable solutions that are easy, effective, and yet affordable by sourcing from the best bird control product manufacturer in Chennai.


Do you have a problem with pigeons? We've worked on every type of building and structure where birds could perch, nest, or roost at night, so don't worry. We can use discrete bird netting to enclose entire roofs, warehouses, and buildings, as well as bird deterrent wires, spikes, and even low-profile track with a tiny electric current to keep them from settling and perching on your structure.


Amulya Enterprises is a well-established company that provides services to all bird, bird waste, and fouling issues in Chennai and the surrounding areas. Our surveyors and technicians are experts with years of experience in the field. We've worked with landlords, business sectors, government entities, and house builders for years to provide bird control and bird netting services that solve bird problems. We've been around for over a decade and are one of the industry's pioneers in bird-proofing. Our headquarters are in Chennai, but we've expanded to Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, and Telangana in recent years.

The nets we install are virtually invisible. Factories, warehouses, hospitals, aircraft hangers, educational institutes, residential societies, and individual residential buildings (including flats, bungalows, and row houses) are among the segments for which our products are highly customizable.

During the installation of Safety nets and bird netting & spikes installation, the installation team is well trained to deal with unexpected on-site emergencies and accidents.

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