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Pigeon Spikes in Chennai


Pigeons are not just a nuisance on window ledges and roofs, but they can also be a significant health hazard. They can spread diseases and allergens, and their droppings stain and corrode surfaces.

Pigeons land on windowsills for various reasons: to find food, to find a dry place to sit during rain or storms, or simply because they like shiny objects such as glass windows. This is why pigeon spikes in Chennai are such an effective way of stopping the birds from landing.

Bird spikes in Chennai make it difficult for pigeons to sit, which has delicate spines on the top of the spike that extend away from the bird's feet. Barbs cause minor injuries, which can eventually lead to infection and death, the best solution being to control pigeon spikes in Chennai.


Pigeons are a problem in many parts of Chennai. They can cause a lot of destruction too. So, it is important to have something in place to stop the pigeons from landing and nesting on your balconies and roofs.

Bird spikes and pigeon spikes are perfect for this purpose and can be installed easily on any type of surface. The bird spikes we offer include:

Steel Bird Spikes

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

Aluminum Bird Spikes

Pigeon control using spikes

Pigeon spikes are the best way to get rid of pigeons from your windows or roofs. The pigeon spikes are made from durable materials that withstand the force of the pigeons on them. The bird spikes can be fixed to a roof, wall or on top of a balcony railing.

There are many companies in Chennai that manufacture and sell pigeon spikes. You can also get more information on how to use these spikes to prevent pigeons from landing in your area by reading some online resources.

Pigeons are a headache for many, including those who have their homes or offices in an area where these birds co-exist. In areas with dense populations, pigeons can be found everywhere, including on windows and balconies. But what to do when they start landing on your window sill?

The first step to take is to clean the bird droppings off your window. Not only will it make it less inviting for pigeons to land there, but it will also keep the environment clean and fresh. Once the bird droppings are gone, a simple bird spike could be a great solution to keep pigeons from landing there again.

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